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pet peeves

Pet Peeves Are as Bad as You Think

Do we all have pet peeves? Maybe your pet peeves are around social media, family, friends or work. We likely all have one for every area in our life. But these are just not healthy for us. This week on Martin Luther King holiday my husband and I took the day off and headed to[Continue Reading…]

helping others

Short Guide to Easy Ways to Succeed with New Habits

Having just returned home from the re-open house of our community workout facility, with it being just the third week of January, the main observation – many of us are still committed to our New Year Resolution. According to most recent research about resolution effectiveness just 64% of us who make resolutions make it beyond the[Continue Reading…]

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award to Kick off the New Year

If I had left Facebook (something I consider now and then) I would likely have not received this timely notice about this blogging nomination from one of my long time online friends. I feel so grateful that Biba Pedron, nominated me for the writing I do. Biba is The Connection Queen. I met her in[Continue Reading…]