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5 Scripts to Help Introverts Survive – and Even ENJOY a Networking Event – Part 1

It’s amazing how many introverts have all kinds of tips for so much extroverting in our business world. So much that sometimes, like in this guest post by Marsha Shandur, the content has to be Part 1 and Part 2. Here are the first two of five easy and doable ideas in Part 1 of:[Continue Reading...]


Managing as an Introvert and a Highly Sensitive Person: Bright Lights and Clothing Tags

As coincidence would have it, the topic of HSPs, highly sensitive persons, started being discussed in one of the introvert LinkedIn groups I belong too, at the same time this guest blogger, Jenn Granneman, emailed me her post. It’s so spot on. Now, keep in mind, you can be either an introvert or an extrovert[Continue Reading...]


How to Boost Creativity – the Introverted Way

Creativity and introversion often go hand-in-hand.  Michaela Chung is guest blogging this, How to Boost Creativity – the Introverted Way. It is commonly accepted that creating art requires a certain degree of introspection and aloneness. We have a romanticized view of painters and poets as sensitive loners or emotional eccentrics.  After all, many of the greatest artists[Continue Reading...]